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Huu Tran

My most difficult memory of the Communist takeover came before 1975. It happened in 1968.

 In Vietnam, most families are used to reserving three days at the New Year to invite their ancestors to their homes. This is called the Tet and is the greatest festival of the year. During the war, every year the Communists used to sign a one-week cease fire agreement, but they often violated it. During the Tet in 1968, they opened an attack on all cities in South Vietnam.

 At that time I was a field radio operator in the army of the Republic of Vietnam. When the attack happened, I was enjoying the Tet at home with my wife and three children, but, I immediately left home for my duty. However, I didn't think that I would leave my wife and children forever because I thought that the enemy could not violate the cease fire and everything would be over very quickly.

 But the attack lasted for three days. The Communists took over three fourths of my city including the area where I lived. After three days, my battalion along with some American troops pushed them out of the city. When I got home I saw the bodies of my wife and three children killed in a terrible way.

 I will never be able to forget this terrible disaster. The pictures of my wife and three children always appear in my heart.